Abdulhaq Lynch

Since 1986 when he graduated in Physics from Oxford University he has worked in the IT industry.
After much reading and contemplation he became a muslim in 1999. In 2001 he travelled to Syria for a year, where he married and also studied arabic at Damascus University.
He is currently a self employed consultant and has also been teaching arabic in Bristol for over 10 years.

The author can be contacted at alynch4047+mft@gmail.com

About the EBook

The ebook can be bought from Amazon and read on most tablets / phones by installing the Amazon Kindle Reader application. The current Amazon ebook format is not well suited for publications that contain transliterated words, but I have done my best. The results are pretty good on tablets / phones and on newer Kindles. I have not been able to try the book on older Kindles so cannot say how good it looks on those (sorry!), however you can download a sample and make sure that it all looks fine.

To purchase A Message For Tuqa

The paperback and ebook can be bought at:

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A Message For Tuqa

When a muslim sets off on the straight path he can be overwhelmed with the amount of information available and be left confused by divergent and sometimes controversial opinions.
Originally written by the author for his daughter, this book helps clear the confusion. It provides guidance on how to approach the huge body of knowledge presented to the muslim, understand why opinions diverge, and helps the seeker to keep focussed on the priorities.


Having good character, knowing our intentions, and seeking the authentic truth


What is Islam's relationship to science?

War And Terrorism

As muslims, how do we react to them?

The Spiritual World

The core of our beliefs


Is Islam out of date in sexual relations?


Is it compatible with Islam, does it contradict our beliefs?

Language And Logic

How the abuse of language and logic leads to unislamic actions


How did they come to be and what is their proper role?

Way Forward

How do we progress from here?